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"What a beautiful person and so very positive. She has the true gift! Will just tell you the truth, puts your mind at ease. Worth every penny I paid for the reading. I felt as if she know me. Thanks! I will return! 5  STARS!"     

"Awesome, pure pleasure, amazing, left me in awe, with an open jaw... She knows her craft for sure. Authentic, truthful, beautiful, honest, a guiding angel... Thanks so much for everything! Billion stars!"
"This is my second time with her, and once again she comforted my heart and soul. She just has a way to see things clearly and cuts away everything that doesn't matter. I am very thankful for having her to go to when I feel confused and in need of clarity! Thank you!"
"Great past live reader! Tons of detail. Descriptions of past circumstances/lives totally match things that I either have an aversion to or love. Excellent!"
"Wonderful Wonderful reading! Very accurate and intuitive with the issues at hand. I cant say enough great things about this reading. I will definitely be back for another. Blessings!!!!!"


"Awesome! I am a reader and I recommend this reader. I understand why the best psychics go to her, she's great. Take her private now. 5 stars."

"Right now i feel kinda speechless. I have never experienced this kind of psychic before. She is actually THE REAL DEAL!!! Wow. Im really amazed about the details and accuracy she provided me with. THANK YOU Janet! You have a new loyal client in me. xx"

"I felt like she made me finally be at ease. She said what I wanted to hear, even though it was not directly related to the question, she broke through and answered the real question in my gut. She was right on point." 

"Sometimes I just don't know what I would do without Janet's clear, concise and honest guidance. While her readings are amazing and spot on, she is more than a reader, she is a mentor. Thank you!" 

"This was a great reader. Very accurate. I love Mrs Janet. She was right on target and has given me a better view of my future. Thanks so much. Mechele706, Jacksonville I just had a private reading with Janet. She was right on with my situation. She gave me some insight that I was confused on and I will gladly take her advice. I would highly recommend her." 

"Janet is truly gifted and right on point there's no bs with her. A true mystic :) I would give six stars if possible. Amazing, so helpful, and I will definitely be coming back for advice whenever I need it. =] Thank you so much!!!"

"Absolutely fantastic! Brought up things I never mentioned or even hinted at. She is very good and if you want an honest read ask her for one. You'll get the answers, even the ones you don't want but it's the truth." 

"She is amazing, real advice about life also, not just predictions, I love her!" 

"I just had an Amazing past life reading!! One of the most professional and legit Psychic on this site! " 

"She is a m a z i n g.. i think the best on oranum! Nobody ever gave me so much info on nothing! I will be back, Janet! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you... :) " 

"She is simply stunning. Absolutely stunning. God bless you!" 

"Amazing psychic, fast connection! Gave me a wonderful past life reading, impressive speed, detail, truly wonderful. I recommend her. From another psychic I can honestly say CHECK HER OUT - SHE IS THE REAL DEAL."

"She is the best psychic I have ever talked to. She is always right on point. I will never go to anyone else when I come to this site!"  

"5 stars all the way--didn't have to ask--she already knew--amazing." 

"Insightful, direct, and full of kindness, Janet will not let you down in any answer you may seek. I will be honest, I'm not usually one to believe in psychics but she was so spot on about little details that she had me convinced right away. She, without a doubt, knows what she's doing and has the experience to prove it. Thanks again Janet, you're wonderful! " 

"This reading was simply amazing. I'm speechless now. It's been ten minutes and I'm still stunned. Janet picked up on something that no one could have known about me. The specific things that she mentioned were completely relevant and accurate. She is incredibly gifted. Thank you so much!"

"Thank you Janet for your guidance and insight."

"She's phenomenal. I truly do not know words with greater meaning to describe her. I've always connected with her and feel a sense of calm and comfort. She's amazingly talented and truly makes the session memorable. I will continue to come back and would highly recommend."

"Incredibly accurate. Didn't need to say a thing. She knew it all. Told me exactly how to handle it. I need to work on myself for sure."

"Janet gave me a great reading as she hit things right on the money without asking questions which i feel is the right way to read. If you haven't tried her its your mistake so give her a try now. Thanks I will be looking for my future things to come to me."

"Like always as accurate as it gets!!!!!!!!!!! God bless her she changed my life and now helping me change my brothers life!!!!!!!!! I can never thank her for her help!"

"As always, completely spot on with everything. She has superb understanding of what the body and mind needs."

"I had been waiting really long to finally have a reading with my favorite reader Janet. She has got a lovely energy. She is a very caring person and she always says the truth, not what you want to hear:) but what the reality is, so I really recommend a reading with 

"AWESOME reading as usual! I will continue to enjoy the great readings and come back to Janet- She is the best!!!"

"I just love her. She is so in tuned with me. She helps me to untangle the web I am in. Has helped me see this man I was having trouble with, for what he really is . And has helped me move on. To freedom, to go look for my real love. Thank you Janet. I will keep keeping on, Nadine"

"Thank You for being there for me during this time. Know I was guided to You tonight.. Wow An Amazing reading during a tragedy. Blessings to You Janet"

"Very compassionate, caring and wise. Only the clarity and peace that comes with years of experience! Highly recommend to all who need some extra loving care."

 "My favourite reader :) Her heart is an ocean of wisdom. No one has ever given me more beautiful advice than she has about my most complex questions :) I absolutely love her :) Blessings!!"

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